The mission of the Advisory Board of is to ensure the highest quality videos are shown on this site, in all areas, specialties, topics, etc. Any videos that do not meet the standard of care are removed. In addition, advisors watch of any videos that may enhance the medical learning experience. We thank them!

Dr. Pieter Kubben
Pieter Kubben MD, a Neurosurgeon from the Netherlands is a true internet savant, and it is scary to see that he is so young at 35! He was picked as one to the Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the world for 2012 for many reasons. The big ones are his creation of the Number #1 Neurosurgical App in the world, called "Neuromind". Also, he has written four other Medical Apps;, OrthoRef, Safe Surgery, Cervical Spine Injury and the Surgery Neurology International Journal, of which Pieter is the Editor-in-Chief. In addition, he does research, and is very active in the Medical Infomatics Field, and the speaking circuit, as evidenced by this TED talk.

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Radiology Blogs
Dr. Sumer Sethi is Editor-in-Chief of the Internet Journal of Radiology. He has a keen interest in Web 2.0 technologies and in maintaining his famous radiology blog, which has existed since 2004, and is probably the most popular Radiology blog in the world, and has been featured in multiple international journals. Sumer was, actually, one of the first movers in the world of Rad-blogging. To date, Dr. Sethi is the author of approximately 50 publications: the fifth edition of his book Review of Radiology is a best-seller among medical students. He recently launched a tablet based course in India for medical students called iDAMS. Sumer was also picked as one of the Top Ten Internet-Smart Doctors in the World for 2012

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Phil Baumann
Rafael Grossmann MD is one of the top internet-smart surgeons in the world. He was the first surgeon to bring Google Glass into the operating room. He established a ground-breaking iPod Teletrauma program in his native state of Maine. Originally from Venezuela, Raul has embraced the use of social media to communicate his experiences in the world of surgery and trauma, and will be a valuable addition to the DocVid advisory team, of ensuring that Surgical and Trauma videos are up-to-date, and of medical value to both doctors and patients, as well as keeping his eyes open for any new, quality surgical and trauma videos. Bienvenidos y que la vaya bien!

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