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Close-up with Berci Mesko at Doctors 2.0: 2012Keynote: Doctors 2.0: Crowdsourcing Medicine: Paris 2012ePatient Dave speaks to Social Media StudentsMegváltozik az orvosi gyakorlat
Keynote Speech at Doctors 2.0: 2011Health 2.0 Europe 2010: WebicinaPeRSSonalized Medicine tutorial by Webicina.comKeynote: Games for Health: 2011
Interview: Digital Pharma Conference Berlin 2010Medicine 2.0 #med2 with @Berci: 2012Social Media Course: IntroductionFive Questions: Five Minutes: 2012
If Dr. House Used Twitter: TED 2013Multilingual Greetings Doctors 2.0 2012Mobile Health Through Eyes of a FuturistEgy GEEK orvos harca az orvoslással: TEDxY 2012


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