Medical Videos

1) Video Prescription

Designed to "personalize" the patients' education to their particular health need. See EXAMPLES here, here, here, here, HERE, and here

2) Private Practice

Tailor the medical videos to the private practice demographic. See a few examples of large cardiology practices, that want to advertise their SERVICES HERE, and HERE. See another Private Practice page of a Pediatrician that Specializes in Children's Asthma

3) Clinic

For particular diagnoses of each clinic, individualized page of medical videos to be emailed to patients with that particular diagnosis. An similar example can be see with This service, which provides ER patients with instructions, after discharge, to educate themselves.

See Bill Gates' opinion of personalizing medical education

4) Healthcare Organization

Individualized page of each diagnosis to be emailed to their clients according to need

5) Hospitals

To be individualized to the patients' discharge diagnosis

6)Individualized Video Classrooms

Not necessarily Medicine, but any topic

6)Follow-up Instruction

Tailored for each practice for the common problems encountered in the healthcare setting, whether it be the Emergency Room, Orthopedic Clinic, or other Hospital Clinic setting.

7) Advertising Healthcare Video Services

such as Flip Side Communications, of Scottsdale Arizona, which makes videos for healthcare companies. See their Video Resume, or samples of their excellent work HERE, which includes the following two videos

8) Advertising Medical Video Production Companies

such as the following two companies, which produces top flight medical video animations a) In Vivo Communications, of Toronto, Canada, whose potential clients include the Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Go to this page to see a few examples of their excellent work, in the "Video Classroom" format.

9) Video Advertising Concept

Any company, using the "Video Classform" platform, can advertise their services in a very user-friendly video format with a series of showcasing videos, such as in the above InVivo Medical Video Company. More or less a "Video Resume", or simply a link from the main page of their website.

10) Discharge Instructions Template

Humana allegedly has implement the Exstream Platform, which "....delivers customized communications to patients when they're discharged, including medication instructions and schedules for rehabilitation. Go HERE to see an example of a Patients' "Video Discharge Instructions".

11) e-Learning Solutions

Providing individualized tutoring to individual or group; see HERE or go HERE to make your own Power Point presentation or Paint presentation. At DocVid we specialize in creating virtual video environments for training or e-learning platforms. We provide our customers with the latest technological advances in the computer field, so they can provide online training activities with maximum reliability and effectiveness. Create the virtual video learning environment necessary for the clients to develop content and training programs best suited to their students. Adapt their training content to virtual video learning environment, we advise and perform all technical support, to only have to deal with the training. Transform your training content to Web or SWF format. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with the lowest possible cost.

Adaptation of educational contents to class e-learning. Tailor their content to any format, PDF, Word, Video, Audio, HTML ...

12) Portal for Video Health Collaboration

One of the simplest, most effective ways to bring healthcare to the community level is through video collaboration. When video technology is enabled through a standards-based, scalable platform, community members can all join a multipoint video call to collaborate and work together with professionals and even with groups of similarly afflicted, empathetic peers to address health issues. Patients benefit from more regular evaluations and better access to specialty support. They participate in live or recorded education sessions—regardless of location or ability to travel. And with today’s move to ubiquitous video, you cannot only do one-to-one video sessions, but groups can meet over video to share ideas and best practices.

13) To see a YouTube Video Presentation of the website,, go HERE

14) Video Education Online Course

The Stanford AIM Program provides for a gradual integration of the Anesthesia Intern into a first year Anesthesia resident, largely through online video courses. Results of this program are shown HERE.

15) Video Resumes

See a Video Classroom, showing a "Video Resume" of the videos they have made, a service from Sao Paolo, Brazil HERE, and a video resume of a noted, Google Glass-using surgeon, HERE......

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